My Homage to Vintage Fashion – Glamour at It’s Finest!

Chic...I just can't get enough of looking elegant. I wish this style of dress would re-emerge with a vengeance.

I was looking through some old pics of my mom and her sisters. Let me tell you those women knew how to dress! They were the epitome of beauty, elegance and sophistication. I remember my mom going to the supermarket in pumps, her requisite A-line sleeveless dress (depending on the season) or her St. John Knits. I use to think that my mom was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I wanted to be just like her. That was back in the day when women wouldn’t be caught dead without their hair coiffed, their make-up applied to perfection and looking every bit like they’ve just stepped off the pages of some fashion magazine.

Unfortunately for my mom, her daughter received part of the text because I was a late in life baby, so my era was between the 80’s big hair and shoulder pads moving on to the 90’s with Doc Martins and Grunge. Though I can clean up nicely, it’s become a chore. So in honor of my mom, I wanted to share some of the photos I’ve collected and admire and these photos are simply awesome. Sometimes I do long for those days because then, it was just a normal part of a woman’s life. So I hope you enjoy stepping back in time with me.

Judy Dent dress, Berlin 1962L'Officiel December 1962Pierre Balmain,1957

Balenciaga cocoon coat, 1957.Oliviero Toscani#Vintage Glamour

Model is wearing a tweed suit with fur collar by Carven, handbag and gloves by Hermès, Paris 1959. I would wear this now. Classic styles are timeless.I would love to recreate look this for my own personal ego boost. Elegance pose and gown.September 8th, 1952

Charm Magazine, 1955Dovima for Enka Rayon, circa 1950’sElle channels the '50s

Revillon 1956 Clifford CoffinJean Shrimpton, photo John French. Cannot get enough of hats!Stunning retro.

Beautiful 1950's evening gownGorgeous 1960s style....I was born in the wrong era.Beverly Johnson 1973 - Vogue

Suzy ParkerVeruschka 1965The caption that accompanied this photo in LIFE: "In fitted silk apricot dress, Jackie walks through crowds at Udaipur, where she was given a noisy reception."

Can’t forget Jackie Kennedy, Lena Horne or Dorothy Dandridge,

President-elect John Kennedy with Jackie in January 1961. She would have been 83 yrs. old today.Lena Horne - In this photo  from May 1956, she is trying on a dress - and wearing those saleswomen out…  Photo: William Lovelace/Express/Getty Images.

Dorothy DandridgeLife Magazine 1952

Nice color and lovely silhouette.VANITY FAIR 1953Givenchy - 1967