Batsh*t Crazy…Why Narcissists Make Your Head Explode!


We all know them; we work with them,  interact with them at events, parties, numerous social gatherings, school  and yes, they’re even in our  families. The ever-present all-consuming ones who create drama…they feed off volatile situations like legendary vampires feed off human blood. They go from person to person telling tales of imaginary wrongs foisted upon them by the abundance of bad people who always mean them ill-will. And believe me, it’s always and forever someone else and never them.

They can’t keep a job because the boss, lets see — hates them, is jealous of them, less intelligent than them, less deserving of the title than them and we can’t forget the “isms”, no need to name them. Never-mind the insignificant little details that may involve tardiness, insubordination, arrogance and possible incompetence. That’s conveniently left out of the conversation because…wait for it, it’s not their fault! Shhhhhhhh….

If their relationships or marriages fall apart, of course, they’re the injured party and here comes the pity express. Need I say more. They rant, rave, pout, whine, storm out of rooms like crazy people, point fingers, foster hellish and nightmarish situations that an Academy Award winning screenwriter couldn’t possibly dream up in a thousand years. But somehow in their twisted sense of self, they will never own up to being the writer, director, editor, executive producer and star of their own melodrama or in many cases, horror film.

Oh, and lest I forget, how they can drag other people into their bizarre psychotic episodes. They can have you embroiled in conflicts that you have no knowledge of until you start receiving texts, Facebook messages, Tweets, phone calls and emails asking to explain. And your first thought is what the fuck is going on?????? Then you call them on their bullshit and out comes the righteous indignation; head explosion part deux!



Who am I talking about….energy vampires, malignant narcissists, self-absorbed morons, all about me jerks and batshit crazy loonies who live in a world created by them, for them and about them. No matter what, they can take a perfectly happy day and obliterate it into dust. When the meme “misery loves company” was invented, it was a person who was victimized by one of these foreboding creatures.

So people, take it  from one who knows, get these joy-sucking leeches out of your life! They serve no one but themselves and they don’t love anyone more than they love themselves. It’s evidenced by the their constant praising (of themselves) and kissing their own asses.  Oops, almost forgot, they’re smarter than everyone else on the planet and  they have no hesitation in telling you that…often. These nutters will drain the last ounce of breath out of your body and brain cells out of your head. They inherently aren’t worth what you go through to deal with them. They will never change but what they will do, is change YOU!

RUN!!!!! Your physical and emotional health depends on it!!!


One of My Favorite Quotes…

So we’ve all made it to the end of another work week or as a friend calls it “that’s life week”. Maybe the week was a breeze and maybe it wasn’t, but as with anything else in life, there’s pretty much always another shot to make it better. If you can, at the end of the day, file this week in the “been there…done that” then enjoy your weekend.

We can make the choice to either drown in our own self-pity or get our ass up and find a way to make our lives into what we want it to be. Is it hard…sometimes, will there always be a support system there to help you through it…not always, will there possibly be people in your life attempting to bring the drama, pain and negativity…Hell yes!.  But if you want something bad enough, then go for it and try to make it happen. Even if you think you’ve failed, at least you tried and that’s not a failure at all.

I firmly believe there’s always a solution to a problem,  however, you MUST have the patience, drive, focus and tenacity to find it…hang on that shit like a guard dog locked on a criminal’s neck.  I’ve said my piece and now I’m outta here…see ya!



A Boy – Pearlie Birdie

A Boy - Pearlie Birdie

Keep it positive and move forward.