Arguing With Bloggers Who Are A Bit Twisted….Why?


I had to say something about an exchange I had with a blogger on a hot-button topic about Women in Combat. Normally I’m an easy-going person and I rarely get pulled into a back and forth exchange, but this blogger was just way over the line. After peeking on said blogger’s site, I found that the entire idea for the blog is to piss people off. This blogger makes references about us “all being ignorant

Well, that was on the money because you are ignorant to allow ANYONE who is not out for the right thing to pull you into their angry, myopic world. Some people live to be insulting and nasty then hide behind they’re just being “real” and freedom of speech. Social media and blogs are in my opinion, here to inform, teach, entertain and to start INTELLIGENT dialogue about subjects that may be a bit controversial or difficult for people to discuss in personal settings.

Under no circumstances should anyone use a platform to spew hatred, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, homophobia or any other perceived “isms” that can be emotionally or physically damaging. Disagree with a person’s opinion, but to get personal is an entirely different story. I am guilty of it because my buttons were pushed….I said some things that I shouldn’t have, however there are some vitriolic people walking and “blogging” among us who brings out the absolute worst in you. It’s not an excuse but it is how I feel.

I wanted to start my blog to have fun and talk about subjects that I enjoy. I don’t have a narrow scope of the world we live in…it’s harsh, cruel, violent and dangerous. But it is also a world filled with good people, good intentions and great opportunities if you know where to look. The person who created that blog is a sad, probably lonely, isolated and angry person. I feel sorry for them to be filled with such disdain for the world and the people in it. When a person gets pleasure out of spreading and inciting negativity, that person is unfortunately, someone you just have to chalk up to a loss.

As one of my dear friends has said for years, we all must weed our social gardens, nourish the flowers that are there and then plant new ones. And after getting this off my chest….time to plant some flowers.



  1. Agree with this 100% People can be so Ignorant!

    • It’s awful isn’t it…

      • Yes it is! I am sure if they did a blind survey, they would surely find that 90% of the population is ignorant because parents have become lazy now days! Its a sad conclusion!

  2. Some people think their opinion is the only one that’s right and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. As E.B. White said,      “The world is full of people who have never, since childhood, met an open doorway with an open mind.”

    If you can’t be civil, you aren’t discussing or debating, you’re attacking. It’s a shame civility is so dearly lacking these days.

  3. You’ve totally mis read that guy. The header for instance is about the imperfection of human knowledge, that we all have intrinsic biases, and that no one knows everything, particularly when it comes to interpreting and judging others. Also I found the post in question. While I disagree I think he made his points respectfully. It is true that women are smaller and less strong than men in general. I think he is wrong to attribute the hypothetical dynamic of men behaving differently around women in combat to instinct rather than to acculturation. But he is the one who has been inside the military and so perhaps he knows what the guys would do better than we armchair debaters. The immaturity of our culture with regards to gender is one of it’s many problems, but there has never been a society of the perfectly enlightened. One can only hope we get better. And it is possible you know that there are instincts at play between the genders, since we are animals. Also I take offense at your characterization of sad and lonely people. What makes you think it is us that produces all the bad things in the world? Your doctrine of weeding your social garden is just your way of avoiding being inconvenienced. Which you have a right to do, but it certainly doesn’t make you superior. And it will narrow your perspective. Also note that the person you are writing about does not appear to be sad and lonely at all. Robert Anton Wilson’s cosmic schmuck principle holds. The more often you relize that you are being a cosmic schmuck the less of one you become, and yet everyone is one. Ta ta,

    • You’ve just made my point. I disagree with that guy and you, so now I’m a cosmic schmuck. No one has an opinion that’s valid unless it’s yours.

      • im flattered that you think my opinion 9s the only valid one but i cannot accept the honor. by the way, RAW was speaking of himself when he described that principle. and misreading and dismissing MY opinion does not invalidate it.

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