“Carrie” 2013 – Hollywood’s Officially Brain Dead.

It’s official, Hollywood has either run out of ideas or this is some cleverly contrived way of keeping diversity at a minimum. Had to throw that one in for good measure. How many Carrie’s are they going to remake? The original movie with Sissy Spacek is a cult classic but it also had a human interest story behind the central plot. She didn’t go ballistic for the sake of terrorizing people, she lost control of her emotions after being relentlessly teased and harassed. Could you blame her, she was with the hot guy in school and that was interrupted by bullying jerks. I would have put the smack-down on them too.

Then there was that made-for-TV stinker with Angela Bettis…Hello, please, that thing should have never seen the light of day. Now we have this one with the newest young “it” girl, Chloe Moretz. I think the 1 sheet (movie poster) pretty much says it all. And the trailer puts the period at the end of the sentence. This is another CGI gore fest that’s short on narrative and long on death and destruction. Just another day in brain-cell deficient Hollywood.

They recycle the same actors and the same characters over and over again…ad nauseam. Then when there are great films, with fantastic acting and thought-provoking narratives, those will barely see the light of day.  For example, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and even some of the soon to be released ones like Zero Dark Thirty and Hitchcock…tons of people won’t see these films because the public has been indoctrinated to want gratuitous sex, spectacular explosions, very little dialogue and hot young things (men and women) prancing around with bulging muscles, ripped six packs, big breasts and skin-tight costumes. Some people don’t necessarily want to think (short attention spans), they want to fantasize and be entertained.  It’s as if Hollywood wants the viewing audience to lose additional brain-cells right along with them.

But here’s the trailer in all its bloody glory.



  1. If it ain’t broke “leave it alone. Sissy Spacek iis a longtime classic. From Cold Miner’s Daugher, The Long Walk Home to mordern day The Help, she delivers. I love me some Spellberg but looks like he let the ball fall on this one.

    • I know, the original Carrie was a film that I never missed when it came on TV. Even now, I still love it. Why oh why, does Hollywood have to fiddle with movies that shouldn’t be remade. I agree with you…if it ain’t broke, why try to fix it.

  2. I know the game just came out, but what are your first impressions of the characters in Diablo 3? Who do you think will end up being the best overall character and why?

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