5 Million Dollar Dress…Well Alrighty Then!

I know that I love clothes and I also admit I’ve paid far too much money for just about everything in my closet. I have a serious shoe monkey on my back and I’m somewhere near Mariah Carey and Imelda Marcos territory, but this gown is so out of my consciousness that it’s almost overwhelming.

British designer Debbie Wingham created this billionaire’s trophy wife’s or girlfriend’s haute couture frock which is adorned with 50 2-carat black diamonds. This bad girl weighs a mind-blowing 29 pounds and would be a bit difficult to wear for some of our more delicate sisters-in-fashion, considering some of them haven’t eaten since the 90’s.

Wingham who sewed the extravagant eyesight blinding frock herself, stated that her gown was ” an anthem for a beautiful woman who loves life”.  Ahem…or a gold-digger who knows how to land herself a sugar daddy or marry Daddy Warbucks. As the saying goes “there’s a sucker born every minute” and that sucker usually has a ton of zeros after his name.

I’m not hating on anyone who can afford such a magnificent creation, but….why? At least if you’re spending your money on building something that could lead to jobs, helping the environment, homes for the poor…something tangible, most people can wrap their mind around it, but for a gown that will probably sit in some rich chick’s closet for bragging rights or who brings it out to play once to rub other people’s noses in her luck to have her boyfriend or spouse buy it for her, is insanity. Whoever buys this gown will have too much money and not enough common sense.

Hold up, this is not meant to be sexist, there are women out in the world who make their own money and can buy the gown for themselves, but usually, we have a lot more restraint and a lot less egotism than to buy a 5 million dollar gown. Yes we have tons of shoes and handbags, but most of us will draw the line in the sand. We’ll oooohhhhh and aaaaaahhhhhh at the beauty of something like this, but the credit card stays in the purse. My feet may sometimes scream in pain for fashion, but I’m not sleeping in my car for it.


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