Liz & Dick – Why We’ve Forgotten Lindsay Lohan IS Such A Good Actress


It’s very easy to forget that youth is a time for reckless abandon; partying, finding yourself (sometimes with the wrong person and in the wrong place at the wrong time), buying those shoes, handbags or what not that you know is way over your budget but not giving a damn because you had to have them, breaking up over and over with a boyfriend or girlfriend you know is toxic, but they’re hot and the sex is great (or so you think), drinking way too much, puking your guts out, passing out in your clothes and make-up, waking up later that morning feeling like warmed over death, only to do it all over again the next night because that’s what young people do.

Lindsay Lohan is no different from any other out-of-control youth who thinks she’s got it ALL under control. No one can tell a young person shit and I was no exception. But here’s the thing, she’s an addict and as an addict with a self-destructive personality, she has to stay away from certain stressors and triggers that can negate any progress she’s made. Lindsay left Los Angeles waxing poetic about how LA is too this and too that. So now she’s in New York and guess what, her ass is in a jam yet again. Why, because she hasn’t really embraced who she is in regards to her addiction. Nothing is under control in her life until she owns up to her addictions and completely exorcises the things and people who keep pulling her down into the abyss. Unfortunately we may keep seeing the Lindsay headlines until, and I’m hoping this will never happen, there will be a final tragic headline lamenting her untimely death.

When she was younger, Lindsay was heralded as a great young actress in the making and I still think her talent is there. However, the Hollywood powers-that-be and the public’s patience, has run short. We live in an instant gratification society. Our attention span is mega-short and we’re always looking for the next great idea, hot gadget, newest gizmo and “it boy and it girl”. That’s the reality of a social media driven world and a 24 hour news cycle.  If she wants to salvage what’s left of her career, it’s time for her to be honest with herself and those around her about what’s important. She’s 26 yrs. old now and yes that’s still young enough to turn her life around, but how many chances does one person get?

During the press junket for “A Prairie Home Companion”, Meryl Streep was asked about Lindsay and her talent.  Meryl, who is considered the grande dame of the Hollywood elite, had nothing but praise and hope for Lindsay to achieve her full potential. When you have an Academy Award winning actress of Streep’s caliber pulling for you, you need to seriously step back and reflect on where you’re going wrong. But in true Lindsay form, she got into more trouble and continued her descent.

Fast forward to the present, here we are with la Lohan playing one of the most beloved and iconic actresses of the golden era of Hollywood, albeit on Lifetime, but it is a step in the right direction or so we thought. What happened during the filming of Liz and Dick, Lindsay gets into another car accident and of course, as usual, it wasn’t her fault. And by the way, someone needs to take away her keys or a judge needs to order her not to drive because Ms. Thang is a menace, but that’s just a mini rant on my part…couldn’t help it.

Even the woman she’s portraying had her share of foibles, missteps and bad judgement, but Elizabeth Taylor faced it all with class, grace and dignity. She never blamed anyone but herself for her headline making bad behavior and that’s why she was always forgiven. In contrast, the only time Lindsay shows a modicum of contrition is when she’s in court trying to stay out of jail and even then, she’s as phony as Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage.

When the announcement was made that she was staring in Liz and Dick, I admit I was skeptical at first because I love myself some Elizabeth Taylor and thought there was no way under the sun Lindsay could pull that off. Then I started thinking, this is a young woman who is immensely talented and why not? I actually started pulling for her. If the reviews are good and the audience watches (in droves for cable and satellite), then this could be the catalyst needed to propel her into better projects.

Since the news broke on her latest arrest, which may threaten her probation in Los Angeles, I’m about ready to throw in the towel. New York was supposed to be a fresh start, away from the rabid paparazzi and here we go again. It’s obvious that Lindsay has no one looking out for her best interests and now it may be time for the book to be thrown at that noggin. If the charges stand up in court, at this point, the only thing I feel will be a jolt to her system is cooling her heels in the gray bar motel for a good long time.

Liz and Dick has one major hurdle to overcome and that’s…Lindsay Lohan.  What a pity that such a fascinating story about the love affair of the 20th century had to be marred by a young woman who is the train wreck of the 21st century. But isn’t that what Hollywood loves…building people up only to tear them down and make a movie about the result? Let’s just keep hoping that if a move is ever made about Lindsay Lohan’s life, it won’t be a tragedy but a triumph.

UPDATE:  10/13/2012 – Lindsay and her mom had this big argument with accusations lobbed like scud missiles at each other. It seems that Lindsay gave her mother 40 thousand dollars to save her home from foreclosure. Lindsay turned to her father for comfort (big mistake) and was betrayed by him releasing the tapes of their conversation to the media. Is there any doubt why Lindsay is screwed up…look at her parents.