Starting a Business is Hell!


Who would have thought that my obsession with all things sweet would lead me to start my own little slice of the American Dream? I use to watch my mom go into the kitchen, pull out her mixer, bowl, measuring cup, flour and all the rest of her gadgets, gizmos and ingredients to make that moist, buttery, fluffy piece of goodness. But at the time, all I wanted to do was lick the bowl…back in the day, you could do that without the food police or salmonella ready to arrest you or have you hurling in the commode.

Life WAS really so much easier and less complicated back then. My mom, who was Martha Stewart before Martha Stewart became Martha Stewart, would instruct me on putting a bit of this…a  bit of that…a pinch here…a dab there, somehow the woman just knew how to throw a cake together like a master pastry chef with no formal training…it was amazing! But I was not at all into cooking…I was a little feminist who absolutely refused to conform. And what was so hilarious about the whole thing was that mom was a card-carrying member of the National Organization of Women and good luck to anyone trying to tell her what to do. Yet there she was like Betty Crocker cooking her little heart out, not because she had to, but because she wanted to. It was as simple as that.

Even-though my mom NEVER thought I absorbed her culinary teachings, in reality I did. I love to cook but I love to create beautiful delectable pastries even more. I’ve taken various classes ranging from simple cake decorating all the way to sculpting chocolate. If it were left up to me and those imaginary lottery winnings, the only two things I would do in life would be to write and make pastries…that would be all sorts of cool.

However, reality check here, I do have to support myself, so I have reconciled myself to building my little side business slowly because my last name isn’t Trump or Winfrey. But my God…I’m not trying to run a multi-national conglomerate, I just want to make cakes, cookies and cupcakes and the maze I’m traversing is HELL! I live in a city (Los Angeles) that wants to charge you for everything…including for the privilege to breathe the smoggy air. Get outta here!

No wonder productions are leaving going to greener pastures, the bureaucratic red tape is insane. I have filled out so much paperwork, I’m having day AND nightmares about it and of course some of it couldn’t possibly be done via their website…oh no, that would be too much like the right thing to do. I’m beginning to think I should have taken the suggestions of my family and friends and just do it out of my kitchen until I gain enough of a following and reserve cash to buy a building outright, remodel it and then deal with the City’s madness. Leasing a place has almost soured me on this whole idea but, as with writing, I’ve hit bumps and gone around roadblocks before and though irritating, the end results made it all worth it.

So, come Monday, I’m going in again and I’ll keep at until I get everything I need to get Scoodie-oop up and running. Now I think I’ll go into my kitchen and do a little cupcake therapy….peace out!