You never know how much people truly value you….

I was in a particularly bad way yesterday until I spoke with a friend I hadn’t heard a peep from in months. Because of my mood, I thought…here we go, complain, complain, complain. We all know that sometimes people ghost for long periods of time then out of the blue, your phone rings and BOOM, they only called to tell you about their drama and sometimes it’s far too overwhelming to comprehend. However, much to my surprise, it wasn’t that way at all. She had been missing because she was battling a disease and didn’t want to be a burden on anyone until she knew if she could beat it.

She also told me that what got her through the surgery, the long arduous treatments and the not knowing if she’d live or die, was my crazy musings and all around nuttiness. Every time she was down, she thought of me and heard my voice telling her…”you can do it girl, get up off your ass and beat this thing so I we can go have some retail therapy and a margarita”. After all of these years, I had no clue that she thought of me in this way. I was literally speechless and for me that’s a feat in itself. She stayed positive and fiercely fought her illness because of the effect I had on her…who knew!

The moral of this tale is…we do have an effect on the people in our lives, sometimes more than we know and our words, disposition and personality can either bring  something positive to the table or completely suck the air out of the room. It’s really up to you. I feel it’s easier  to be negative than it is to be positive, because some people get a sick, sort of perverted pleasure in tearing people down…sometimes with swift and blinding speed.  It seems to make them feel superior….that I will never understand. But it does take work when life is kicking your ass to adhere to the
“glass half full” philosophy. However, in the end, it will not only keep you focused, but it could possibly soothe your soul and calm your spirit in the process. My friend is now putting her life back in order, her wonderful husband surprised her with a trip to the Maldives and I know with absolute certainty, this is just another chapter in her life and now she is free to finish the rest of the book. Just puttin’ it out there.


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    Valued in silence…the most common trick we play on ourselves-love this article and rings true for me and the stories i have with my great friends.:)

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