Featured Weekend Hang-out – The Empire Hotel

Well we’ve made it through another week and now it’s time to rest, relax and get your party on. Every week I’ll feature one of my favorite spots to have fun with my friends or get my date night on with my man. This week it’s The Rooftop Bar at The Empire Hotel in New York City…can you EVER go wrong with anything in the mecca for all-night partying?

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night until 4:00 a.m., you can mingle with the beautiful people of Manhattan and enjoy the breathtaking views of one of the most dynamic cities in the world. TIP – on Saturdays, mention chillstrong.com and there’s no admission at the door and get the VIP treatment. Music by special guest DJ’s all night!

Doors Open at 9PM

44 West 63rd Street

Manhattan, NY, 10023

Located on the 12th Floor of the Empire Hotel, The Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge offers magnificent views of Lincoln Center as well as the Broadway & Columbus Avenues gateway to Manhattans Upper West Side. This rooftop haven serves up some of the hottest cocktails in town, and now offers the hottest parties in NYC.

The Empire Hotel Rooftop is the perfect way to experience and escape the city below.

Celebrities to grace the Empire Rooftop include Sean Combs (Diddy), Kim Cattrall, Alex Rodriguez, Jimmy Fallon, and many more…

Call today for birthday packages, table reservations, info and more at:



5 Million Dollar Dress…Well Alrighty Then!

5 Million Dollar Dress…Well Alrighty Then!.

5 Million Dollar Dress…Well Alrighty Then!

I know that I love clothes and I also admit I’ve paid far too much money for just about everything in my closet. I have a serious shoe monkey on my back and I’m somewhere near Mariah Carey and Imelda Marcos territory, but this gown is so out of my consciousness that it’s almost overwhelming.

British designer Debbie Wingham created this billionaire’s trophy wife’s or girlfriend’s haute couture frock which is adorned with 50 2-carat black diamonds. This bad girl weighs a mind-blowing 29 pounds and would be a bit difficult to wear for some of our more delicate sisters-in-fashion, considering some of them haven’t eaten since the 90’s.

Wingham who sewed the extravagant eyesight blinding frock herself, stated that her gown was ” an anthem for a beautiful woman who loves life”.  Ahem…or a gold-digger who knows how to land herself a sugar daddy or marry Daddy Warbucks. As the saying goes “there’s a sucker born every minute” and that sucker usually has a ton of zeros after his name.

I’m not hating on anyone who can afford such a magnificent creation, but….why? At least if you’re spending your money on building something that could lead to jobs, helping the environment, homes for the poor…something tangible, most people can wrap their mind around it, but for a gown that will probably sit in some rich chick’s closet for bragging rights or who brings it out to play once to rub other people’s noses in her luck to have her boyfriend or spouse buy it for her, is insanity. Whoever buys this gown will have too much money and not enough common sense.

Hold up, this is not meant to be sexist, there are women out in the world who make their own money and can buy the gown for themselves, but usually, we have a lot more restraint and a lot less egotism than to buy a 5 million dollar gown. Yes we have tons of shoes and handbags, but most of us will draw the line in the sand. We’ll oooohhhhh and aaaaaahhhhhh at the beauty of something like this, but the credit card stays in the purse. My feet may sometimes scream in pain for fashion, but I’m not sleeping in my car for it.

2012 EMMY AWARDS…from Fabulous to Fails, the Hot Trends of the Evening and A Look Behind the Scenes!


This year’s Primetime Emmy Awards had a few surprises and some expected winners. But lets face it, it wasn’t really about who won best this or supporting that, for most of us fashion mavens and armchair fashionistas, we tuned in to see what our favorite guys and gals were wearing for their trip down the red carpet. There were many hits, but boy when the misses happened, it made you stop and scratch your head. So here’s my list of some of the gowns I thought were hits and then we’ll get to the absolute fails further down the line. I’ve also posted what was trending…some of the actresses such as Julianne Moore and a pregnant Claire Danes made strong statements with yellow and I have behind the scenes action of the stars during commercial breaks and relaxing after all the trophies were handed out.

Nicole Kidman in Antonio Berardi

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Vera Wang

Padma Lakshmi in Monique Lhuillier

Nancy O’Dell of Entertainment Tonight

Archie Panjabi in Randi Rahm

Sarah Hyland in Marchesa

Now for some of the Fails.

kat dennings emmys 2012

Kat Dennings – J. Mendel  What was she thinking? The girls were just a sneeze away from popping out and giving the viewing audience a SURPRISE!

Got mermaid? Sofia Vergara is an attractive woman, but she’s done the mermaid style for too long. She needs to try something different. This gown makes her look like a second string Vegas Showgirl instead of a glamorous star.

Lena Dunham in Prada. She is just too young for this gown. It does nothing for her body type and her stylist (if she has one, should be told bye-bye). This dress on her is just wrong on multiple levels.

Okay Heidi we get it, you’re telling the world that though you’re going through a divorce, you’re still hot. However, this looks a bit desperate. It’s too sheer, cut too low and the slits are too deep. She’s been a red carpet and  runway walker far too long to make this type of error in judgement. It’s called revenge dressing, look at what you’re missing.

January Jones in Zac Posen. I like the idea of this creation, but not the gown itself. It looks confusing, coupled with the smokey eye, makes me think of a Goth girl back in the 90’s. She has that Nicole Ritchie vibe at the recent Alma Awards. Didn’t work for her and it’s not working for January.

Love Christina Hendricks’ curvaceous figure, but this Christian Siriano gown is cut wrong for her shape and the color or lack thereof, washes her out.

Zosia Mamet in dumpster chic? Who in the Hell knows! And…who is she again?

With the gown and the bouffant hair, Ashley Judd reminds me of an aging beauty pageant contestant or prom queen. What happened to her? She’s still young enough not to dress as though she’s the grandmother of the bride.


Yellow seemed to be the color of choice for this year’s Emmy’s. And here are some of the stars sporting the color du jour.

Clair Danes, Julianne Moore and Julie Bowman

Hannah Simone

Kaley Cuoco – Angele Sanchez


Michelle Dockery – Dowton Abbey

HBO’s Emmy Party

My Homage to Vintage Fashion – Glamour at It’s Finest!

Chic...I just can't get enough of looking elegant. I wish this style of dress would re-emerge with a vengeance.

I was looking through some old pics of my mom and her sisters. Let me tell you those women knew how to dress! They were the epitome of beauty, elegance and sophistication. I remember my mom going to the supermarket in pumps, her requisite A-line sleeveless dress (depending on the season) or her St. John Knits. I use to think that my mom was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I wanted to be just like her. That was back in the day when women wouldn’t be caught dead without their hair coiffed, their make-up applied to perfection and looking every bit like they’ve just stepped off the pages of some fashion magazine.

Unfortunately for my mom, her daughter received part of the text because I was a late in life baby, so my era was between the 80’s big hair and shoulder pads moving on to the 90’s with Doc Martins and Grunge. Though I can clean up nicely, it’s become a chore. So in honor of my mom, I wanted to share some of the photos I’ve collected and admire and these photos are simply awesome. Sometimes I do long for those days because then, it was just a normal part of a woman’s life. So I hope you enjoy stepping back in time with me.

Judy Dent dress, Berlin 1962L'Officiel December 1962Pierre Balmain,1957

Balenciaga cocoon coat, 1957.Oliviero Toscani#Vintage Glamour

Model is wearing a tweed suit with fur collar by Carven, handbag and gloves by Hermès, Paris 1959. I would wear this now. Classic styles are timeless.I would love to recreate look this for my own personal ego boost. Elegance pose and gown.September 8th, 1952

Charm Magazine, 1955Dovima for Enka Rayon, circa 1950’sElle channels the '50s

Revillon 1956 Clifford CoffinJean Shrimpton, photo John French. Cannot get enough of hats!Stunning retro.

Beautiful 1950's evening gownGorgeous 1960s style....I was born in the wrong era.Beverly Johnson 1973 - Vogue

Suzy ParkerVeruschka 1965The caption that accompanied this photo in LIFE: "In fitted silk apricot dress, Jackie walks through crowds at Udaipur, where she was given a noisy reception."

Can’t forget Jackie Kennedy, Lena Horne or Dorothy Dandridge,

President-elect John Kennedy with Jackie in January 1961. She would have been 83 yrs. old today.Lena Horne - In this photo  from May 1956, she is trying on a dress - and wearing those saleswomen out…  Photo: William Lovelace/Express/Getty Images.

Dorothy DandridgeLife Magazine 1952

Nice color and lovely silhouette.VANITY FAIR 1953Givenchy - 1967

Sharon Stone – This is What I Want To Look Like When I Grow Up.

sharon stone boyfriend

This past week Sharon Stone had a scare at the Fendi Fashion Show in Milan. She fainted, was taken to the hospital  and luckily all is well. It was related to migraines, she was released and later appeared on the red carpet with her hot young boyfriend Martin Mica for the AmFar Foundation Gala.

This is what a Hollywood star is suppose to look like… svelte, glamorous and exuding star-power. All I can say is if 54 looks like this, then bring it on? Also, could I have a sexy 27 yr. old boyfriend too? Sharon has never looked better and whatever she’s doing…keep it up girl!

666 Park Avenue – Is Anyone Ready to Meet the Residents of The Drake?


I admit that I’m not a big fan of Broadcast TV. My favorite shows are Boardwalk Empire, Magic City, True Blood (before it became too damn freaky and convoluted) and I’m warming to the Newsroom. But last year I found some truly interesting non-cable shows that I’ve begun to follow; Scandal with Kerry Washington (I just don’t know why she’s never skyrocketed to stardom), Revenge which keeps your butt glued to your couch from the time it comes on until the end credits, American Horror Story (Jessica Lange was at her most creepy) and my sentimental favorite Pan Am…I love…love…love period pieces and that show was just starting to gain momentum, but unfortunately, networks have no patience for shows to find their audience and some trigger happy network suit gave it the ax. I was really hoping some other channel would realize the potential and pick it up.

Now we’re poised for this season’s flops, failures and bubbles…who knows what will emerge as the next sizzling show on TV this year, but the two shows I’ve watched so far were less than praise-worthy…one more than the other. First up, Revolution on NBC. It stars Billy Burke – Bella Swan’s dad from the Twilight movies and Tracy Spiridakos. The premise of the show is that the electricity has gone out (or has it) and mankind has to resort to their basic primitive instincts for survival. A rather standard post-apocalyptic tale with the fearless female, the reluctant male hero and their sidekicks on a journey to find what’s behind the world’s problems with the bad guys in hot pursuit. Oh, before I forget, there seems to be a burgeoning love story in the offing…but isn’t it always.

Revolution Poster

This one has potential, the acting is solid and if the writers stay focused…don’t start getting too deeply into the love aspects and give the viewers plenty of action, it could be a keeper. Next up is Bomb Girls on the Reelz Channel, the same one who brought us The Kennedys miniseries. Okay I know it’s not on broadcast but I did watch the premiere. I can’t begin to tell you what’s wrong with this little blast from the past but I can tell you what’s right…when they roll credits and it over. The show is about the women during WWII who built bombs in the munitions factories while the men where off at war. In this instance, you have the rich wild girl whose parents want her to get married, settle down and have a respectable life. However, she has other ideas. Then there’s the matronly, long-suffering woman played by Meg Tilly, and if I were she, I’d be completely irritated because they have her looking as though she’s 75.  And the rest of the women are just knee-deep in personal drama and crisis, none of which are the least bit interesting. Oops, I forgot, there’s a male lead but why mention him because he’s there for…well, I’m not quite sure for what, so I’ll get back to you on that one.

Bomb Girls Poster

Finally, my new favorite — 666 Park Avenue. I had the chance to view the pilot and it is a combination of The Devil’s Advocate, The Shining, Poltergeist and just about any good horror flick coming down the ramp. Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams are devilishly delightful to watch and this one has a ton of twists and turns but you can follow the story-lines with ease. Terry and Vanessa play husband and wife at the swanky New York hotel The Drake. Terry is the manager and Vanessa is his partner in evil. Once there, all of your fantasies, dreams and desires can true but at a price. Without spoiling it, there’s some otherworldly, spooky goings on at The Drake and if you don’t like unexpected eeriness, than this isn’t the show for you. But I love it…if the writers can hold our attention as well as they did in the pilot, this show will be around for a very long time.

666 Park Avenue Poster